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The Magical Post-Punk of UNDERPASS:
Streaming The Part Time Punks Sessions

If I said I didn’t love life, I would be lying. If I said I didn’t feel that music had the power to change the way I feel, I would be lying. If I told you I wasn’t a HUGE  fan of the post punk band UNDERPASS, I would be lying! When I hear their music, the sun comes out in my mind and whatever is bringing me down will become what makes me feel good inside. What I love about this band is the way they are able to conjure up some of the sickest melodies I have heard in this genre. They are just about to release a sublime live tape called The Part Time Punks Sessions, and it’s freaking perfect, which you can order HERE from NO LOVE LOST RECORDS. UNDERPASS also happen to be awesome humans, and I will always support them because they create music that makes me happy to be alive.


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