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Expanding Your MIND & REALITY by listening to MAEVE Unreal Drum & Bass Mix “All In Your Mind”

Powerful – Genre-Bending – Intense – Sonic Art – Archival – Thumping – Futuristic – Addictive – Inspirational – Straight FIRE are words that come to mind as I listen to the new L.A.U.R.A. Rec mix by Maeve entitled “All In Your Mind.” For the past 9 days, I have been listening to this sick Drum & Bass sound journey almost daily because it’s that good! I have nothing but respect for Maeve the way she has blended vibes from the past while pointing all of us to the future! This mix breaks chains of White Supremacy and the Patriarchy at the same time. What I mean exactly is that many of the Drum & Bass/Jungle Producers were women of color and many of them have not been given their just due. On “All In Your Mind,” Maeve totally shines a light on artists like M.I.A. and other female voices! I got to also give her props for giving mad shine to the genre of Jungle (an art form was created by the Afro Caribbean youth of the UK) which was co-opted by the white UK music media in the ’90s and rebranded as Drum & Bass — even at times being called “intelligent Drum & Bass.”

I’m beyond thrilled by this mix because of the way she weaves Hip Hop samples with Post Punk to Metal to Dancehall to rad Bhangra samples to manifest this energy that will captivate your eardrums nonstop. There is no way to escape the passion and knowledge that Maeve has put into this mix. Every time I listen to “All In Your Mind.” I hear something new that makes me say, damn, this human has created a piece of sonic art that will truly stand the test of time. Ok here is what an amazing night looks like to me. The next time I’m in L.A., Maeve is djaying an all-ages rave so that me and my daughters could roll up and get our dancing on all night!

I want to take the time to also salute L.A.U.R.A. Rec for creating a space for young POC L.A. creatives a platform for them to shine. I want to also thank Maeve for manifesting a mix that expands my mind with each listen!

We are proud to announce the next edition of L.A.U.R.A. Mix Series featuring Maeve, LA’s very own emerging and breakthrough artist currently making waves in the underground whom we had the honor and pleasure to debut for their first live performance this past summer. Mix is live via sound cloud, link in bio. Mixtapes are now available for preorder, to place an order call / text the infoline : (213) 255 – GURN L.A.U.R.A. RECS

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