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Love Eternal…AELTER + Tour News

What kind of music do you listen to to expand your mind; what sounds give it the space it needs to wonder off into vast places? Personally, I listen to bands like AELTER, because the beautiful morbid melodies that this band conjures up are more than majestic. In 2011, I wrote these words about their album entitled Follow You Beloved: 

The album is broken down into two epic tracks that unfold into heavy, beautiful, menacing and angelic soundscapes. The first, “Follow You,” starts off with a low drone, but then morphs into at least five different sonic mountains that will speak to all of your senses. What I find interesting about this track is the way that each instrument or tone is telling a story, and they all come together to paint an awesome picture in your spirit. “Follow You” will totally enchant you once the voices of the black angels descend into your ears, as they ride huge spheres of feedback and distortion. Then there is AELTER II’s twenty minute track, “Beloved,” with some of the raddest guitar playing I have heard in a long time – it’s so simple, but so moving and complex. The very slow riffage on this tune will have you in a dream state – it makes me daydream about walking on Route 666 in the middle of nowhere.

The words above ring true for all of AELTER releases, from the very first LP entitled Aelter I: Dusk/Dawn to their most recent LP entitled Aelter IV: Love Eternal. Now for the real news – starting on May 26th, the band will embarking on a rare NW tour, below you can see all of the places they will be performing. If you are a fan of amazing music, make sure to go out and support AELTER!






I really dig when music can be used as fuel for your dreams. When I find albums that have these properties, with each listen I find out something new about my existence in this universe. I also get excited when music is in a sonic form that can’t fit into a box, so the only way to really know it’s magical power is by listening to it!


MAy 26 Thur BOI@Neurolux w/ Bijouxx and CRY
May 27 FRI PDX@Sound Control w/Jamais Jamais, At the Head of the Woods, Solace
May 28 SAT OLY@Obsidian w/Liquid Letters and Cascadian WInter
May 29 SUN SEA@Highline w/Geist and the Sacred Ensemble, Thunder Grey pilgrim, Meridian Arc
June 18 SAT @ Thirst for Light III
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