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A Look into the world of Brookesia Estudio

Ruben, founder of Brookesia Estudio, born in the woods of the Basque Country, is a screen printer and graphic designer based in Berlin. He has worked for bands like Kreator, Ufomammut, Pentagram, Windhand, Saint Vitus, Wolves in the Throne Room, Church of Misery, YOB, King Dude and, last but not least, Neurosis. Void Revelations did a photos essay for CVLT Nation about Brookesia Estudio creating a tour poster for Neurosis and a short interview:

What is your work process?

When I’ve received an order from a band, the first thing I always do is listen to their newest albums and read the lyrics and look at their creative output in general. I check the style of their record designs, shirts and other merch. From this information, I create a list of ideas and work on them until the customer is satisfied. Once the design is done I start with preparing the silk screen. I prepare the separations and after that I go to the workshop to do the screen prints.

What inspires you?

I had always a strong connection to nature and animals. I got to discover the Nordic culture from which I draw a lot of inspiration. Also, the things around me in my everyday life are a inspiration to me.

What would you call the kind of art you create?

I would say I create engraved collages and work with textures basically.
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