War is never off topic in the good ol’ USA as their armies have engaged violent policing actions the world over in perpetuity since their inception. And, as all of us hardcore fans know as a universal truth: War Bad. Which, among other reasons, is why our Bay Area crust brothers Löckheed have taken it upon themselves to give us a bombed-out soundtrack for our modern tumult. Given the thickest of riffs, the ever-compelling moshable rhythms, and the barely legible lyrics presented in classic Discharge haiku, we’re left clawing our eyes out and coughing up dust in a frenzied panic, desperate for an exodus from the never-ending violence.

With members of such beloved bands as Deras Krieg, and B-Ward, they’ve refined the game and distilled it to its most relevant parts, tossing out the refuse and mundane. The Kängpunk is a lifelong commitment and runs deep in the hearts and minds of the besotted, blasted children of the fourth world mind. As long as they make conflict an inevitability, heavy-hitting hardcore like Löckheed is here to stay and more than ready to detonate your local scene.


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