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Living in Fear…
Slur DEMO Review + Full Stream

I don’t know what the deal is lately, but it seems like every band my CVLT Nation superiors have asked me to review for the past month has been from the UK. Don’t read to far into that – I’m definitely not complaining. In fact, every time I check out new bands from the United Kingdom, I am almost always pleasantly surprised. Slur, is of course, no exception to this trend.



Hailing all the way from Sheffield, Slur reminds us all of a simpler time. A time when it was not the recording quality that mattered as much as the sense of anger and rage that blared from your speakers when you heard a new record. Slur embodies the spirit of DIY, and their four song demo presents listeners with a raging combination of d-beat, hardcore, and punk. What more could you want? Besides of course kicking your boss’s ass, leaving your job, and never coming back. Seeing as how you probably don’t have the courage to fight your boss, I guess you’ll just have to be content with listening to Slur while you slowly watch your life end at work. What’s that? You’re mad because I’m making generalizations about you without ever meeting you? Well fuck you, prove me wrong. Walk right into that bourgeoisie motherfucker’s office tomorrow and go all Edward Norton from Fight Club on him! Whatever, you won’t, unless of course you’re willing to let Slur give you the strength to not be pushed around by oppressive instruments of capitalism (like your boss) anymore.

Slur is the music for the downtrodden, the hopeless, those of us who choose to not be recorded in a studio because it undermines the very essence of punk in the first place. Slur is ahead of the game, and if you sleep on this band you will quickly fall behind. So quit taking shit at work, start a band, and jam out to Slur while you kick the shit out of that mid-life crisis you’re having.

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