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Black Metal

Listen to the maelstrom of archaic mysticism that is the GOIFER demo ‘Grabschlöfer’

Welcome to the 7 layers of Sonic Hell that is the new GOIFER demo Grabschlöfer – it’s fucking beyond beautiful! To say that I’m impressed with this band would be an understatement because this demo is straight John Blaze. Everything about it is well balanced, from the grim scathing vocals to the melodic orchestral textures that swirl around their songs. Don’t even get me started on the underlying D-Beat vibe that I hear in the drumming. GOIFER is a band that brings unbridled passion and honest magic to every second of this demo. I’m addicted to this release and I have a feeling if you are a fan of Black Metal soon you will be! Yo Repose Records – you have done it again by releasing this beyond-stellar offering! The Helvetic Underground Committee never disappoints and we salute y’all. Close your eyes turn up the volume and enter the intense world of GOIFER.

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