It was the beginning of 2014 when The Haunting Green stepped on tiptoe into the music scene with few copies of their self-titled debut EP. The handcrafted, silk-screened artwork displayed a girl falling down into unknown water depths: a graceful, dreamy drowning. The music itself was kind of a graceful slipping through the darkness in a elegant balance of doom, ambient, drone, electronic music and black metal. Soon, insightful music journalists noticed the duo (Cristiano, voice, guitar and synths; Chantal, drums), tours and live shows came along and then… then everything stopped.

Apart from rare single releases and sporadic gigs, The Haunting Green remained silent for years, leaving their promising project on a quite undefined “work-in-progress” mood.
But whatever caused this long wait, it was worth it not to give up all hope.

Today, The Haunting Green is back with its new album, that reopens the conversation with its audience more or less where it was interrupted. With their latest full length “Natural Extinctions” Cristiano and Chantal share a new chapter of their emotional and meditative music, recounting with their own personal voice the tragic cut of the umbilical cord connecting mankind to Mother Nature and its most untamed side.

Here you can listen to “Where Nothing Grows”,
a brand new track from “Natural Extinctions”:

“Natural Extictions” explores the distance between human nature and Nature itself in a quasi lyrical language, both aggressive and moving. The approach to the matter is almost romantic (even in the literary sense of the term), yet lays on a freshly contemporary interpretation of doom metal: the overall result is a modern album with an ancient taste, exalting the stress on the atavistic long for an irrecoverable innocence that men seem doomed to ravish.  Each song becomes, in this sense, a poetic reflection that moves between the feral and the pure, combining black metal shrieks and fine melodies, all supported by a dynamic drumming.

In the band’s own words,

“ ‘Natural Extinctions’ explores the inability of human beings to preserve their innocence and the bond with nature during their existence. The focus is to merge extreme metal with the suggestive language of drone/ambient and ritual music, highlighting in some ways the ‘percussive’ side of our music. This isn’t an ordinary concept album but, rather there is a hidden thread connecting the seven tracks, relating the inevitable destiny of every human being to inhibit, suppress and lose, along his life, some of the most pure and atavistic aspects their own soul, to adapt and live with the hostile environment that surrounds him. Adaptability in the one hand strengthens and leads to move forward, but on the other hand, corrupts and makes us lose the most spiritual and pure side of us: the most precious.”

This little pearl of melodic doom metal will be released on March 5th by Hypnotic Dirge Records. Here below you can find the tracklist and the artwork created by Jessica Rassi (The Giant Lab).

Preorders are open here.

Natural ExtinctionsTracklist:

1- Lazarus Taxon
2- Natural Extinction
3- The Void Above
4- Litha
5- Where Nothing Grows
6- Rites of Passage
7- Luminous Lifeforms



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