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Listen to the Dramatic new ROPE SECT song “Flood Flower”

I know pain. I know disgust. I know that in America, the ghosts of my ancestors haunt the families of the white people that took their lives unjustly. For hundreds of years, it was fine to lynch black people and no one was held accountable because it wasn’t even considered a crime. In 2020, nothing has changed – just look at how George Floyd was lynched in broad daylight by a white cop. Breonna Taylor lynched in her own home by white cops. Ahmaud Arbery lynched in cold blood by white men with no provocation, and with no follow up by police until the public demanded it from them.

So where do I find solace from this fucked up world? I find it in music, and I find it in the new song by ROPE SECT called “Flood Flower,” featuring guest vocals by Mat “Kvohst” McNerney (Hexvessel/Grave Pleasures). This song has everything that captivates me about ROPE SECT, the warm melodies and dark melancholy; it feels like they acknowledge my wounds but uplift me out of the grave I’ve dug in my mind. They beautifully meld the dissonance of human life with the perfection of the cycles and systems we’re always struggling against. Their debut record THE GREAT FLOOD comes out in August via Iron Bonehead Productions but we are streaming their new song for you right now. It’s kind of unbelievable that this is their debut record – they feel like a project that has been in our lives forever, but maybe that’s a testament to the eternal nature of their sound. I hope this music brings you a few minutes of peace the way it does for me. Thank you, ROPE SECT, for creating music that’s powerful and magical and transcends me from a world that shows no mercy for my people, and no conscience for themselves!

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