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Listen to the d-beat mania of Destroyed In Seconds “No Respect”

The new song by Destroyed In Seconds called “No Respect” is a wake up call to us all! So many people in the scenes – both Punk and Metal – give people a pass when it comes to Racism and Sexism. Honestly, I’m fucking over it, which is why bands like DIS mean the world to me, not only for their spot on message but because they make killer music to back it up! Their new album Divide And Devour (pre-order here) comes out on April 24th and today we’re sharing “No Respect” with you. Keep up the good fight, DIS, we’ve got your back!

This song is a straight up whirlwind of d-beat mania that serves as a callout against those in our society, and our scene, walking amongst us with a sense of false entitlement, socio-political apathy; the people who talk about change but refuse to raise a finger to do something about it.

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