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Apocalyptic Blues

Listen to the cosmic winds of the Ezra Feinberg & John Kolodij split!

Free me from the pressures of the world! Free my mind from the oppression that this reality has imprisoned me in! I want to go to a place where my thoughts can be pure! I want to go to a place where the sky is HUGE and the hawks glide freely! Ezra Feinberg and John Kolodij have come together to manifest a very special record that takes me to where I need to be right now. These two epic musicians make music that’s fucking transcendental to say the least! Their fragile but very powerful soundscapes are healing my soul right now. Ezra Feinberg’s songs are the sunlight to John Kolodij’s moonlight. This metaphysical offering comes out on August 28th via Whited Sepulchre Records, and we’re streaming it in full below!

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