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Listen to the Cosmic heaviness of SLOMATICS Kaān

Slow-moving beauty. Slow-moving riffs. Slow-moving sorrow. These are some of the thoughts I have as I listen to the new SLOMATICS song “Kaān.” This killer fucking song is off of the band’s upcoming split with UNGRAVEN that comes out on March 5th via Blackbow Records (order HERE!). On the real, this label is becoming a powerhouse in the world of Doom and Sludge. What’s going to happen to you after you hear this SLOMATICS song? You’re going to say to yourself, unholy fuck, this band is sick AF and I need to hear everything they have created – like NOW!

Sometimes the joy of music is the contrast between light and shade, the subtle textures and the space between notes. Other times it’s just about turning the amps to eleven, loading as much fuzz into the signal as possible, putting everything in the red, cranking out the same neanderthal riff relentlessly and screaming into the void. Kaän is most definitely the latter.

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