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Listen to the aggressive relentless Punk of PORVENIR OSCURO LP ‘Asquerosa Humanidad’ Full Stream

Stop whatever you are doing and tap into the new PORVENIR OSCURO LP Asquerosa Humanidad because it’s beyond ballistic! Every song on this record is urgent and dripping with a caustic melody that is highly addictive! Their songwriting is spectacular and is well thought out without ever sounding contrived! As the vocalist Sara spits fire in your ears but you won’t mind the burning sensation because she’s so on-point. Check out the song “Dueños Del Mundo” and tell me this band does not rule!!! PORVENIR OSCURO’s songs are full-on anthems that are full of power, but it’s the layers of passion that make every moment of this record so AWESOME! To say I love Asquerosa Humanidad would be a lie because I want this record on repeat all year and then some! It’s a very high honor to let y’all know that we are sharing it full below. The album comes out via the rad label LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS on July 1st and you can pre-order it HERE!

This show was FIRE!!! PORVENIR OSCURO Killed IT!!!
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