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lISTEN TO The Abstract Reality Hip hop of C Trip A “Ozzy Nights”

Real talk, I’m a Hip Hop snob. If something is whack, I have no problem telling the artist the straight up truth (please pass the mic). So what happens when a label not normally known for releasing Hip Hop puts out a record that makes you say, “unholy fuck, this is the bomb!”? You get Translation Loss and their new group C Trip A. Their record is called Ozzy Nights. Hey Anthony Adams – if you are reading this, you really can spit homie, and to Christian McKenna the beat constructor, you have skills! The two of them together have created a piece of work that they really should be proud of. Ozzy Nights is a record that’s abstract but still rooted in reality, which why it works so well. We’re beyond honored to be streaming C Trip A’s new album in full below. Respect to all who made this sonic piece of art possible! Head over to Translation Loss Records and pick it up, like NOW!

 artwork by Brian Azer

They day that C Trip A got to hold their vinyl for the 1st time!

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