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Death Doom

Listen to HERETICAL SECT examine the untold butchery and grief of the South West

Heretical Sect is your new favorite band that you have never heard of! Over the course of four dense and intense tracks, they show you why they are bringing something new to the game. I don’t want to box them into a genre because their songs evoke a sense of dark freedom. I will say that if Bathory recorded under the southwestern sky while the rain of Temple Nightside fell down on them, part of the Heretical Sect sound would arise from the land they stand on. This band knows how to write riffs that will resonate with the listener for decades to come. Their self-titled offering comes out on March 1st via Vendetta Records (Vinyl)Caligari Records (Cassette), and Redefining Darkness Records (CD). Today we are fucking beyond honored to be sharing with you Heretical Sect’s new record in full below – stay tuned for our full review!


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Sentient 51423

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