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Death Rock

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Trashlight is band that makes me love my job, because they prove that there is so much awesome music coming out that I haven’t yet heard. Now that I know about this band, I am fucking addicted to their brand of Ethereal Post-Punk//Deathrock. Imagine if Christian Death started dating Cocteau Twins and they made beautiful love for hours. From this a baby was born, and they named them Trashlight. This band’s soon to be released self-titled EP comes out on Cercle Social Records and can be ordered HERE! Please tell a friend about this insanely unreal band that we are streaming below. Stay tuned for more coverage…


On stage, we occupy personas with other names… We dress sets in fog and red light typically… We’ve locked eachother in wooden chests, we’ve broken mirrors, blinded show goers with strobes, performed in tape-face, bloodlet, punched through television sets, given out flowers and mystery photographs to audience members, executed funerals, dressed as aliens, burned effigies, done interpretive dances, and generally anything to shock or give off an otherworldly vibe… Sometimes it could be just as simple as doing spoken word bits… At most shows we tend to be sort of loud… One time David J saw a bit of us and remarked that it was “as loud as Johnny Thunders in ‘77”, and another time our set was cut short at NOLA’s annual Noisefest for being too loud…

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A post shared by TRASHLIGHT (@_trashlight) on

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