Listen to Hardcore History: 1983 BLACK FLAG Performing for 15 Punks!

On July 31st, 1983, my 14 year old self took a bus from Santa Monica all the way to the Cathay de Grande in Hollywood. The reason I made this journey was to watch the matinee show that featured Black Flag, Redd Kross and The Bangles in front about 15 people. I will never forget this show, because Henry and the whole Black Flag crew gave it their all, even with the small turn out. It should be noted that this was also Chuck’s last performance with the Flag. I swear I can hear my 14 year old self shouting in the crowd! Both the Bangles and Redd Kross also killed. It’s time for you listen to some 80’s hardcore history, plus you can download it! This show was only 5 fucking bucks – damn it was good growing up in the 80’s!


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