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Listen to BERTHOLD CITY bring the Hardcore Rukus with “No One To Blame”

How about some Hardcore? BERTHOLD CITY’s new 7 inch What Time Takes packs a HUGE Punch and is coming out on June 14th via War Records (pre-order HERE)! Right here and now, we are stoked to be premiering their song “No One To Blame” below, plus you check out an interview with the band as well. This band brings the rukus with each release!

We are premiering “No One to Blame” today… What is this song about?

“No One to Blame” is about realizing that you are responsible for your well being, your ups, your downs, your wins, and your losses. Everyone is constantly pointing the finger and trying to place the blame on others for whatever isn’t going right in their life, and this song is about taking responsibility for that. We all feel lost in life sometimes, and we all struggle, whether we choose to show it or not. If you fail, you have no one to blame except yourself… Pick yourself up and try again!

Aside from holding down the vocals in Berthold City, you also play in Strife and World Be Free. How does Berthold City differ from these other bands?

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I’d say that Berthold City is the most straight forward and stripped down of all of my bands. Musically we are pulling from some of the classics like Youth of Today, SSD, and Judge as well as more modern bands like Down to Nothing, Rival Mob, Count Me Out, and Carry On.

With Berthold City I try to write short and to the point songs that are still catchy and have a message. The songs are devoid of metal, and definitely written to evoke stage dives and sing-a-longs.

It’s definitely a lot different being the front man instead of just playing guitar as well. Stepping out of your comfort zone make things fun and a bit more exciting, so I welcome the change.

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Photo by Todd Pollock

What are your thoughts on the current state of Hardcore?

I think hardcore is in a great place. There are bands like Turnstile and Code Orange that are taking hardcore to a new place and definitely exposing a bunch of new kids to hardcore. Hopefully they take from that and understand the ideal and check out some other bands… That’s the only way hardcore will grow.

There are a bunch of newer bands that are all doing their own thing and I love that. Bands like Wild Side, Fury, Fixation, Dying For It, and Fiddlehead are some of my current favorites. None of these bands sound alike, and they are all playing their brand of hardcore…

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