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From Beyond… Like Rats “II” Review-Stream-Visual

Have you ever been disappointed by a side project of a band you truly loved and respected? I have, and it fucking sucked. Let’s be real for a minute – about 80% of side projects are merely clones of the original band they derived from. Before you all lose your shit and start trying find where I sleep at night, let me clarify: there are a lot of fantastic side projects out there that really showcase the diverse talents of prominent artists. However, it baffles me to booze when vocalist X from youth crew band Y decides to do a side project where she/he is yet again the vocalist for another youth crew band. By now, I would imagine you’re probably wondering why I’ve decided to open this review with a mini rant about side projects. Quite frankly, I like to complain, but more importantly, Like Rats is here to put on a fucking clinic on how turn a side project into the band that everyone cannot stop listening to.


For those that don’t know, members of Like Rats also play in the hardcore/power violence monstrosity that is Weekend Nachos. However, I feel that it’s wrong to make that the selling point for this band. While Like Rats and Weekend Nachos are both heavier than the bag of hammers you used to beat up your hippie neighbor who wouldn’t stop talking about ‘shrooms, Like Rats are their own unique beast. Their newest offering to the world of heavy music is set to release on March 25th via Southern Lord, and it is eight tracks that will make you want to be baptized in blood. At this point, if you haven’t figured out that Like Rats have their sound rooted in old school death metal, then you’re probably a cop, in which case these unholy tunes cannot be spared for your piggy ears. In all seriousness, this album absolutely rips and once it hits the ears of non-oppressors everywhere, Like Rats will be bowed down to the same way modern worship bands like Black Breath and Nails receive their praise. There’s just no fucking question about it, this record is your new God, and church is in session.

Here is video of a 2015 performance captured by hate5six. For more rad live videos be sure to subscribe to and follow all of hate5six’s social media outlets.





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