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Rise up and Listen to this Raw Punk // Crust New classic!

Unholy Crust Fuck, the new record from LIFE entitled OSSIFICATION OF CORAL is the fucking bomb and then some, straight up! This band creates the kind of music that puts the battery in my back to spit in the face of corruption and oppression! They know how to manifest Raw Punk in all of its raw glory while still injecting it with their brand of rocking melody! What gets me more than anything is when they conjure up these cryptic caverns of dirgey emotional fury! LIFE also has some of the raddest riffs in Crust, plus the drumming is off of the hook! OSSIFICATION OF CORAL is a safe place for me and makes me realize I’m not alone in my rage towards the system! I want to say thank you Desolate Records (US, Americas), Not Enough (EU), Acclaim Collective, Distro Rakkos, and Punk Bastard (Japan) for releasing one of my favorite Raw Punk/Crust records of 2020.

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