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Avant Garde

Experience the Global Noise-Rap Punktronics of KINLAW “Full Tank ft Kelan”

Down by law, Kinlaw‘s new Noise-Rap Punktronic comp Weld is an audio brain twister that will have you scratching your head in amazement! What I love about music like this is that is free of corporate dollars and full of endless amounts of pure uncut creativity! Every track on this sonic journey is a trip into unknown soundscapes. The MCs you will encounter on Weld are top-notch. We are stoked to share with y’all Kinlaw’s “Full Tank ft Kelan.”

Global noise-rap punktronics from a global guest cast of MCs and vocalists from Bristol to Togo, Uganda to Palestine – steeped in the mystery and folklore of a small town in Dorset, England. Weld is the defining statement of the Kinlaw universe.

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Sentient 51423

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