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Deep, rich shading; subtly nuanced dotwork; entrancing curves that breathe three-dimensional life into the designs; exquisite detail – these phrases define the flawless style of Kelly Violet, currently one of Europe’s most outstanding tattoo artists.

For more than fifteen years, she has brought her unique vision to her art. Kelly Violet‘s unmistakable style showcases the color black, and her designs are simultaneously intricate and profound. Her tattoos are defined by their heavy lines, full yet deeply poetic. Although darker nuances indisputably take the stage in her work, an intense femininity and the utmost authenticity fill every tattoo.

Their magnificent floral motifs adorn the wearer’s skin with their astonishing depth. They often include animal figures, brought to life in imagery that blends realism and the symbolic: medieval sensibilities that have survived well beyond the sixteenth century and live on in our collective unconscious find contemporary expression in Kelly Violet‘s creatures, inspired by tarot figures and Greek gods.

If you are patient – she is booked until January 2018 – and you have the opportunity to visit London’s Parliament Tattoo, where she works, do not miss a chance to get a tattoo done by this talented artist.

Instagram: @kellyviolence




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Writer of darkness, cello player, addicted to popcorn. Animals are better than humans. Nature is the most powerful thing. Music is my safe place. Instagram: marika_zrz

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