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This is the JAM! Premiering: TWINS video “Open Up”

TWIN’s soon to be released record That Which Is Not Said is full of fucking JAMS!!! If you do not believe me, peep this new visual for “Open Up” – it’s the BOMB from the second it comes on. TWINS has the perfect formula for making cold beats sound warm. If you are ready to dance, then pre-order That Which Is Not Said HERE out now via 2MR!

It started with a very vague idea and it quickly took shape once the parallels became apparent between the imagery we captured and the song’s lyrical themes of being lost in the forest of your emotions, trying to avoid the destructive behavior you know yourself to be capable of if your demons catch you, realizing that you cannot run from your problems and that they have to be faced head on – it’s hard to open up until you have reached a point of clarity. Joining the bodies dancing in the dark until you find the light that you need.


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