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In Italy, not many bands play grindcore like Jesus Ain’t in Poland. They are super-fast, extremely aggressive and heavy. The band started out playing punk-based grindcore on their first EP, Holobscene (2008), and then they shifted to a more death metal-influenced style on their second album, Freiheit macht frei (2012).

Now, after almost six years, Jesus Ain’t in Poland are back with No Man’s Land (out on March 30th via Grindpromotion) to harm your hearing with 12 brutal songs.

The album consists of two parts. The first one, named Erosion, still bears Jesus Ain’t in Poland’s typical trademark. It’s fast and intense but diversifies into more complex and articulated dynamics and structures, a further step in the evolution that the band made with the second part, called Release. These six songs fully express their outstanding shift in sound.

“While processing the Erosion songs, we started feeling something was changing,” says Horcrux Urethra (singer). “We felt the need to push ourselves further beyond, away from what we had played, seen and heard at that point. It resulted in intense, long-lasting rehearsal sessions, away from our past ‘fast and furious’ orientation, by following the way we wanted our music to be.” The results are unexplored dynamics and vibes as well as a slower, progressive, melodic sound.

Song by song, No Man’s Land explores feelings like fear, uncertainty and despair, then slowly hope, awareness and conviction; and essentially guides the listener in a journey through the meaning of life. The album’s concept deals with everyone’s innate drive to achieve goals through the challenges that life casts in the way. This concept fits perfectly with the maturation of this band that truly represents a cornerstone for the Italian grindcore scene these days.

Throw Dartworks‘s artwork into the mix, and the result is phenomenal.




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Writer of darkness, cello player, addicted to popcorn. Animals are better than humans. Nature is the most powerful thing. Music is my safe place. Instagram: marika_zrz

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