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Witness the Industrial Apocalypse that is HIDE

photograph by Nikki Sneakers

CASTRATION ANXIETY by HIDE is a record that defies any sort of genre because of the power that it packs. It’s an intense, heavy as fuck collection of songs. Heather Gabel and Seth Sherhave created the best industrial record of 2018 – but actually it’s one of my favorite punk records of the year as well. Right now HIDE is on tour with The Soft Moon in Europe right now, and will be touring North America starting on Dec. 5th – including Dec. 8th in Vancouver, BC. HIDE has given us the honor of sharing this very special live footage of “Close Your Eyes” captured in Brussels, filmed and edited by Michael Thiel. It’s time to get the taste slapped out of your mouth because this band can’t be fucked with. CASTRATION ANXIETY  is out now on Dais Records.


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