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Institutionalized Hatred!
Signs of Apartheid 1950-1990

As a youth, not only was the fear of Nuclear War a reality and something that we protested, but the modern day enslavement of Black Africans in South Afrika was something that was real for us as well. All sorts of bands made it their mission to shed light on what kind if inhuman humiliation that these people had to endure on a daily basis. The thought of me and my mom marching down the streets of Oakland with hundreds of protesters of all colors for a free South Afrika is something that I will never forget. This photo shows the visual signs of discrimination that was everywhere in that country from 1950 until 1990…A luta Continua…I hope these kinds of atrocities will take place again anywhere, at any time!

All Photos via Mashable


A sign common in Johannesburg.1956


A woman sat in the wagon reserved for White people to protest against Apartheid.1952

The “pencil test” decreed that if an individual could hold a pencil in their hair when they shook their head, they could not be classified as White.

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White children paddling in a pond marked by a sign reading “For European Children Only.”1956


Signs in English and Afrikaans, in Wellington railway station, South Africa, enforcing the policy of apartheid or racial segregation.


Signs in both English and Afrikaans in Johannesburg.1957

Signs-12A bench in Albert Park, Durban 1960

Signs-15A park for Non-European women.1960

Signs-17A Taxi rank for white people.1967

Signs-14A sign outside a park restricts its use to ‘European mothers with babies in arms’.1971

Signs-16An apartheid notice on a beach near Cape Town.1974

Signs-18An apartheid notice on a beach near Cape Town.1976

SignsA rail wagon with the words ‘Non-Whites’.1978

Signs-13A railway carriage reserved for white people only.1982

I don’t care what they remember about me. I led South Africa on the right path.
P.W. BOTHA, 2006

Signs-1Toilets restricted to use by “Black, Coloreds & Asians” at a bus station.1986

Signs-7Whites only sign in foreground at restricted beach, with bathers in background.1986

Signs-11A sign reading ‘Bathing area for Whites Only’ on a beach at Victoria Bay, Western Cape.1986

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