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Black Metal

Insanely Powerful Black Metal: Anti-God Hand’s “Wretch” Tape is Next Level Raw! Full Stream

When I’m strong you tell me that I’m weak and to that, I say FUCK OFF. You say because I’m Black that I shouldn’t be outraged at the existence of NSBM and to that, I say FUCK OFF. What is yours is mine which is why I wave the banner of Black Metal high because no racist dip shit is going to take my birthright from me! I’m Black so why the fuck should I not have a place at the sonic table of Black Metal? (If racists want to keep their scene White, change the name to White Metal).

I just had to get that off of my chest before I lace you with some game! Check out Anti-God Hand’s new tape Wretch coming out on June 4th via American Decline Records. Every song is a black portal that will expand your reality. The layers of filth and empathy you’ll encounter on this tape are thrilling. I can hear and see the ghosts of my past standing up against White Supremacy, holding a rebel’s blade to the throats of my oppressors. Anti-God Hand’s music reeks of victory for the downtrodden. Blast the song “Moss Golem” and tell me it’s not a banger — if you do, your ears must be broken.

The howls of anguish I hear on this release give me the power to say FUCK OFF to the racist system that created a mass grave for 215 indigenous children at Kamloops Indian Residential School and refuses to hold itself to account for it.

Wretch is a tape that should not only be heard, but it should also be felt, because these anthems will evoke feelings in you. It’s an honor to share with y’all Anti-God Hand’s new tape in full below! State Violence is State Control — it’s our time to take a Stand! Order “Wretch” HERE!

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