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Inhale the Heavy Psych Doom of GRIN’s new visual “VOIDWALKER”

Excuse me as I touch the trippy hallucinogenic sky of GRIN! This cosmic Heavy Psych Doom duo creates some kick-ass jams with the right amount of Fuzz! Unholy awesomeness, when you hear their album Translucent Blades that’s out now via Crazy Sane Records, you will realize this band is sick AF! Their songs soar, and will elevate your mind and help you transcend to a higher sonic universe! We are stoked to share with you the new GRIN video  “VOIDWALKER”!

GRIN Vinyl/CD/Merch: Recorded September 14th, 2020 at Hidden Planet Studio, Berlin Recording and Mixing Engineer: Jan Oberg Music by GRIN

Robert Lefold/Teilchensturm
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