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Experience Crushing Industrial Death Doom of ISOLANT ‘Drain’

To say that I’m truly amazed by the new ISOLANT record Drain out now via the always-on-point Sentient Ruin would be a HUGE understatement! This project slaps on all levels, from the stellar production to the dark emotive vocals! Not many people could pull off mixing Death Doom with Industrial but ISOLANT does it like no other. I love the vast valley of sonic empathy that I encounter while blasting Drain. This band has found the perfect way to balance harshness with melodic uplifting sorrowful melodies! Imagine if GODFLESH, NINE INCH NAILS (on the chopped & screwed tip), and your favorite Death Doom decided to do a project the outcome would be the new ISOLANT record. On songs like “Death Pulse,” you will experience Powerful Dirge and the Vast Audio Pool of nothing that is this band.

I want ISOLANT to know that y’all have gone above and beyond in manifesting Drain. Not only do I hear the passion, but I feel it deep down in my soul. This is why I know for a fact that this record is a gem that all lovers of music should check out. I want to give Max Furst a mammoth shout-out for bringing this project to life. I feel so fucking stoked to be able to share such insanely awesome music with our readers. I know for a fact that each time I listen to this album, I will hear and feel something new because it’s that damn SICK AF!


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