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I Smell Sick Crustgrind! Blast BODYROT’s “Fleshworks” NOW!

I won’t lie, the state of the world has got me all fucked up! That’s why meditation and listening to bands like BODYROT are keeping me grounded in a positive statement of mind! Their new record Fleshworks is a nonstop brutal storm of sonic filth that I’m cool with raining down on my reality! Trust me when I say that this band creates these layers of decaying layers of melody that get inside of your eardrums and ooze out audio puss that will enchant you with each listen!

The opening track “BODY… RECLAIMED” has this awesome thick sinister swing to it that makes it where I had to repeat it several times! I can smell the Crust fumes coming off of this BODYROT record and I love it! This band of grind-infused Humans is all about ridding the world of the downpressors trying to imprison us in agony! I know our time is now and that all fucking racist pieces of shit are going to get their just due and BODYROT’s “COMEUPPANCE” will be the soundtrack to their obliteration!!!

In Crust We Trust! In Grind We Shine! FLESHWORKS is the SHIT!

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