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Hot Damn! Witness this in your face GOON “Ain’t Rite” VHS promo

live shot by Spencer Waddell

Are you fucking ready? I don’t care if you are, because I’m beyond stoked to share this GOON  “Ain’t Rite” Promo. I’m going to tell you their last album Natural Evil released in 2019 on Convulse Records is an explosive Hardcore Punk Spastic Eargasm that never lets up! Oh yeah – check out what I had to say back then:

Did I tell you how fucking awesome this record is? Their blown-out, spastic hardcore is highly addictive and catchy as fuck. Every tune is a banger and gets all up in your face. GOON’s songs are equal part rage and equal part chaotic melody infused with a healthy dose of don’t give a fuck!

Now let’s get back to the subject at hand. It’s time for y’all to peep this unreal Promo for their upcoming Limited VHS Tape of them performing Natural Evil in full! You better act fast because I know this tape is going to sell out QUICK…Boom, get with GOON! Order it here.

Convulse Records is releasing a Live VHS edition of Goon’s Natural Evil. The footage is of Goon playing their LP Natural Evil in full at 7th Circle Music Collective in Denver on January 31st, 2020. This footage will never be available in full online and this show is the only time Goon will ever play Natural Evil in full. The 23 minutes of live footage was directed by Alex Pace and shot by Alex Pace and Aaron Saye. 

Art by  AP Fiedler and John Menchaca,
live shot by Spencer Waddell
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