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Apocalyptic Blues

“HOLY F^*K!!! MIND-BLOWING!!! One of the Best Records of 2022: SUM OF R ‘Lahbryce’

If you don’t know now you know: Sum Of R’s “Lahbryce” is one of the sickest albums of 2022, and it goes far beyond any genre. Their music slaps like no other and their sound has no parents because they are communicating a creative vision that is coming from another universe. Reto Mäder’s voice is a mighty instrument that will give you chills each time you hear it! Songs like “Hymn For The Formless” will heal your spirit and destroy all of your insecurities at the same time. I mean this — listening to Lahbryce is an Ultra Cosmic Ride to a place where Light and Darkness are in perfect balance.

As a unit, Sum Of R has created a body of work that aliens and humans will be blasting for decades to come. Musically, every song on this epic album is top-shelf genre-bending bliss. When I blast songs like “Sink As I,” I find my inner and outer self soaring off and talking to my ancestors! This band’s music should be heard by all and they truly deserve all of the shine they get because they are that majestic!

I want to take this time to salute Consouling Sounds for releasing another game-changing record — order their album HERE! I also want to say sorry to Sum Of R for not writing about Lahbryce sooner. That being said, I’m here to tell y’all that this record is a classic that will leave you speechless with each listen! Respect Due!

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