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Total Sonic Destruction! HIDE & MIRRORED FATALITY Tour Announcement

As this world spins on it’s axis of filth and hate. Some humans are willing to take a stand against the corruption that we are all force fed! HIDE is a band that is confrontational for all of the right reasons! What I respect about them is that they lead with their passion of nonconformity and their anger is not performative because it is who they are deep down! They are touring the West coast with MIRRORED FATALITY starting in August. I know for a fact that these two projects live will deconstruct your worldview and them put it back together again while injecting X-Ray vision into your worldview so that you can see through the lies that they don’t want you to be aware of!


Photo by Alzberta


Photo by Max Branigan

FRI 8/9
 – Tulsa, OK // Whittier Bar

 w/ Primitive Figure, Ectospire,

                      Beta Betamax, There am ISAT 8/10

 – Denton, TX // Rubber Gloves

 w/ Laughing Matter, Psychic Killers, Rrose Selavies
SUN 8/11 – Dallas, TX // Texas Theater

  w/ Psychic Killers + TBA
TUES 8/13

 – Albuquerque, NM // Ren’s Den

    w/ Taunt, Envie
THU 8/15 – PHOENIX, AZ // The Beast

w/ Ceremented + TBA
FRI 8/16 – San Diego, CA // Til Two Club

 w/ Matt Ibarra + TBA
SAT 8/17 – LA, CA // secret location 

w/ Terror Cell Unit, Presser, Pistola, Anaesthetic (DJ)
SUN 8/18

 – Oakland, CA // First Church of the Buzzard

 w/ Mirrored Fatality, Moira Scar
TUES 8/20

 – Portland, OR // Coffin Club

 w/ Mirrored Fatality, Swish Blade, Puerta Negra DJ
WED 8/21

 – Olympia, WA // Le Voyeur

 w/ Mirrored Fatality, Ragana
THU 8/22 – Seattle, WA // Black Lodge

 w/ Mirrored Fatality + TBA
FRI 8/23 – Boise, ID // Realms

w/ Dreams of Blights + TBA
SAT 8/24

 – SLC // TBAMON 8/26 – Denver, CO // 7th Circle

  w/ Mirrored Fatality, Bent, aeonexit
TUES 8/27 – Omaha, NE // The Sydney

w/ Mirrored Fatality, FATHR 
FRI 8/30

 – Minneapolis, MN // TBA

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