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Experience the Soundtrack to Your Apocalypse: HENRY HEKTIK’s Motion P. Music

Now this is just straight FIRE — Natural Sciences has linked up with 80’s tape label Harsh Reality Music for a reissue of Henry Hektik: Motion P. Music. I can’t front, these tunes are fucking unreal and sound so sick! It’s the best of many worlds colliding to create something truly awesome! When I listen to this record, it reminds me of partying at Power Tools in LA way back in the day. ,’s anthems are LO-FI but so ahead of their time that they sound Fresh AF in 2023. I want to say thank you to both labels for sharing this release with the world! Imagine Max Headroom producing with Marshall Jefferson the outcome just might sound like Henry Hektik: Motion P. Music.

Artwork by Sin of the Father
Written By

Relapse 9-19” height=
Sentient 51423

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