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Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!
Video Premiere 偏執症者 (Paranoid) “Jikangire”

It’s fucking on! Our comrades 偏執症者Paranoid have an upcoming album called Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! that will be released on Sept. 28th via The Sign Records (EUR) and Konton Crasher (US). Right here and now, we are premiering their new video for their song “JIKANGIRE” and it’s ultra fucking creepy! They use footage from the horror movie Yersinia – Pestens förbannelse that was banned by Swedish film censorship and was never finished due to various reasons. The visuals go perfectly with the raging song  and only makes the viewer want to hear more of Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!. I also want to see more of this fucked up film because it looks sinister! All HAIL 偏執症者Paranoid for creating D-BEAT like no other!!!



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Director/Producer/Script/Cinematographer/Make-Up FX/Special Effects:
Emil Bergslid
Stellan Karlsson
Tony Bergslid

Narrator voice:
Sven Wollter

THE RAT –  Akira
VIDAR – Björn Sandin
ELIN – Emma Hemmingsson & Emelie Bergslid
ISAK THE MONK – Fred Anderson
JOHANNES – Gustav Bergslid
KRISTINA – Maria Hemmingsson
GERTRUD – Åsa Siika

Costume Designer:
Katarina Widegren

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Lighting Technician:
Tina Boström

Script Supervisor:
Carl-Henrik Johansson

Team FX
Fredrik Hansson
Jonathan Bonin
Christer Berg

Exclusive video footage taken from the horror movie “Yersinia – Pestens förbannelse”. Banned by Swedish film censorship and was never finished due to various reasons. All material is filmed during the summer of 2005 by Stellan Karlsson, Emil Bergslid and Tony Bergslid.

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1 Comment

  1. Reilly Deacey

    June 26, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    Chris Terry

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