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Apocalyptic Blues

Heavy Gloom With No Boundaries! Experience GRAVE LINES “Communion”

I’m really impressed with the new alum from Grave Lines that is entitled “Communion” which comes out on July 15th via New Heavy Sounds. This band really pushes heavy music to new places and has the courage to say, fuck the RULES! Imagine if Portishead, Black Sabbath, Alice in Chains, and Nick Drake all started a band — the outcome might sound like Grave Lines. When I hear jams like “Lycaenid” I know that soul music comes in many forms! Stop what y’all are doing and tap into the gloomy majestic vibes of Communion. I want to salute the band for creating a stellar offering and we feel blessed to be able to share it with y’all in full below! Pre – Order in effect HERE & HERE!

Communion for us was a process of broadening and refinement. In some ways it is more concise than our previous album but in others we have pushed elements further into new areas. This was also the first album working with Andy Hawkins at The Nave Studios. He played a really big part in shaping this album for us, giving us the opportunity to experiment with sounds and spaces in a way we hadn’t done before. Andy’s input was very integral to the album and certainly left a stamp on the finished piece. 

As with previous releases the songs are thematically an exploration of internal conflicts within the psyche, focusing in particular on the absence of true human connection and the fractured, flawed nature of our need to be understood.ultimately this record is what we believe to be quintessentially Grave Lines… whilst not being tied to a specific structure yet still exploring the depths of the heavy gloom and despondency within us all.

– Jake Harding (vocals)
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Sentient 51423

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