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Hear this New Track from At the Heart of the World “Drown in Duress”

If you’re looking for the best searing, unplugged industrial metal of 2019, listen no further than Portland’s At the Heart of the World. This Oregonian duo unleashed their monstrous debut EP, Rotting Forms early last year, announcing their arrival into the realms of rusted, monolithic industrial with an uncommon vision. Those seven tracks were but a safe dosage of the virulent sonic overdose ATHOTW will unleash November 1st in the form of their debut album, Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death.

Comprised of 11 tracks of militant electronica, ATHOTW operate their newest arsenal with deranged confidence, firing antagonistic bursts and laying thoughtful dirges with equal malice. The album’s fifth track, “Drown in Duress,” is a slice of everything Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death has to offer. A twisted mass parts Youth Code’s spry digitizing, Ministry’s ghost in the machine gloom and Godflesh’s unfathomable heft, “Drown in Duress” plays like the theme of a self-aware computer learning the arts of violence. From the club to the mosh pit, there are sections seamlessly interconnected for anyone’s listening displeasure. The track’s final breakdown-laden, forlornly melodic final minute is the track’s kinetic, emotional payoff and an overall treat.

Reaching Perfection, Tasting Death will be available from Glory Kit Ltd. on 11/1/19 in digital, vinyl and cassette formats. Catch them on tour this July.

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