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Apocalyptic Blues

Haunting Atmospheric Doom
CVLT Nation Streaming:
Muscle and Marrow
“The Human Cry”

Haunting, Transcendental, Heavy, Magical, Heavy and Healing are some of the words that come to my mind while I listen to the new tape by Portland’s Muscle and Marrow entitled The Human Cry. This limited edition piece of sonic history will be released by one of my favorite tape labels, Breathe Plastic Records on July 31st. Over the course of 9 enchanting songs and 39 minutes of slow moving audio drama, this band paints a beautiful portrait of despair. Kira Clark and Keith McGraw’s tunes will take your mind to a land where the wind whispers the outcome of your nightmares. Musically, this band is ultra heavy, but it’s not in the normal sense it’s more mental than physical. The Human Cry is a record that will stay with you for decades to come and something you can listen to regularly. CVLT Nation has been given the glorious honor of streaming the new Muscle and Marrow record in full below…Doom-Folk has never felt so good! Belief Mower will be releasing the vinyl version on September 3rd…Pre-Order The Human Cry HERE!


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Relapse 10-4

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