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Hardcore Punk

Rad Hardcore Punk Band ALERT! SULTRY is Reppin’ Harder Than HARD!

Photo by Chelse Warren with OPENHEADTAKESPHOTOS

New sick band ALERT!!! SULTRY’s new promo tape is all that and hits harder than the 1983 SoCal Hardcore Show pit! They waste no time showing and proving they mean fucking business. Over the course of three bruising tracks, they draw the listener into their manic world of Hardcore punk. “Offer Your Heart” stomps in such a killer way and I know for a fact that I’m not alone in saying SULTRY is next UP! Hold on wait a minute, their anthem “Prisoner of Love” is beyond gnarly and I love the breakdown. Musically and vocally, this band knocks it out of the motherfucking park. SULTRY is a band that bleeds sonic passion and feral aggression — they got me hooked!

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