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Hardcore Punk

Hardcore Chaos-Hardcore punishment! Listen to The STINGRAY ‘Feeding Time’ Full Stream

Photo by Joe Oremus

STINGRAY’s Feeding Time is the sound of all-out sonic war and then some! Over buzzsaw blistering tracks, Tin Savage barks out his caustic vocals that kick fucking ass. The songwriting that this band lays down is straight FIRE and will set your eardrums ablaze!!! “Electric Elimination” is a metallic punk anthem that will have you ordering Feeding Time, plus it’s rad how the song has an almost call and response vibe about it! STINGRAY’s songs are full of aggression but also pack an insane layer of chaotic melody, which makes them live in your ears when the song is over! Join CVLT Nation as we celebrate Feeding Time with a full stream taking place below. I want to salute STINGRAY for creating a real Hardcore Punk gem and I would like to salute LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS as well for releasing Feeding Time on Sept.17th — the pre-order is in effect HERE! When you hear the mayhem that is their song “Burn In Hell” I know for a fact you will become a fan just like me! Also, check out the effect that STINGRAY has on crowds when that they perform live…

Artwork by the legendary dream team Nicky Le Rat and Tin Sandwich Savage.
Photo by Harry Barden.
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