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Hard Dance Beats For the Kids of the Black Hole!
Streaming Statiqbloom’s “Blue Moon Blood”

Photo by Katrin Albert

This album is so fucking good! Statiqbloom has found a way to merge dance beats with the angst of punk/metal and the coldness of industrial to create a unique and addictive sound. It’s hard for me not move as I write this, because Blue Moon Blood is full of jams. You are so lucky, because today CVLT Nation is streaming Statiqbloom’s Blue Moon Blood record in full below. Make sure to pick up your copy of this brand new underground classic from Translation Loss Records this Friday which is the official release date.

Fade States:

For “Blue Moon Blood” I  managed to melt hard electronics with dreary atmospherics exposing the traumas of paranormal and mental haunting. Statiqbloom will be featured at the upcoming Coldwaves festival I’ll be announcing US, Euro and Australian tour dates soon.

[youtube id=”WoFi1E3ybcU”]


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