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Happy Easter
EVIL DEAD Now Showing!

Easter is approaching.

In true spirit of the occasion, it’s somewhat fitting to revisit a classic movie about the dead rising.


Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified, died and then risen from the grave. Some people consider this to be miracle and claim him to be a saviour.

Others would say that someone who rose from the dead is a zombie.

Zombie popularity is not hard to miss in 2014. The undead are everywhere. Zombies have become truly ubiquitous. The Walking Dead, World War Z, zombie walks, books like The Zombie Survival Guide…it’s almost like the hunger (or money hunger) for anything zombie related is similar to the hunger for brains that is the primary motivator of our zombie friends.

The Evil Dead (1981) English Full Horror Movie… by jobayer

Evil Dead isn’t really about zombies in the same way that George Romero’s classic Dead series is. It’s more twisted that that. In fact, to go back to the religious theme mentioned earlier, it’s not an overly unusual stretch of the imagination to equate the insidiousness of the Deadites to acts carried out in the name of God over the centuries. Consider the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, the seemingly never ending sexual abuse cases from all over the world…that’s true evil.


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Dead River Runs Dry guitarist, music fiend, film scribe.

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