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#HandsUpDontShoot #ICan’tBreathe New subMedia.TV Episode Now Showing

396 years ago, the first slaves from Africa arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, and from this day until now, Black Americans have been treated as subhumans by the law! During the early years of slavery, the slave masters had to find a way to make sure that their property did not run away, so they started the slave patrol. After the civil war was over, these Patrollers in the South needed jobs, and they found them by becoming the Police Patrol or Police Force. No wonder that in 2014, white cops can kill unarmed black males and walk free…Check out the latest episode of subMediaTV as they look at the response to the Ferguson Verdict…On a personal level, my first taste of police brutality occurred at a hardcore show in Los Angeles during the 80’s. I guess I was guilty of being weird, which gave Chief Daryl Gates and his henchmen the right to bash my head in…Fast forward ten years and it was the LAPD under Gates that beat the shit out of Rodney King on camera…which gave rise to the L.A. uprising, where Gate’s forces used the same tactics they used on us punks during the 80’s…CVLT Nation refuses to be silent – we are firm believers that music and media should be used as a weapon of mass change! Check out our most recent feature dealing with Lynching Postcards, a reminder of a horrifying past that is still alive and well…which seems to have silenced the trolls! #HANDSUP #BLACKLIVESMATTER Rest In Power Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, Eric Garner and all of the unarmed black men that have suffered state-sanctioned brutality and murder.

Ferguson Redux from the stimulator on Vimeo.

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