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The Grim Story of The Chicago Rippers + Doc.

Written by Gregory Hadley

The Chicago Ripper Crew. Robin Gecht had worked for John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown. After Gacy was arrested and incarcerated, Robin formed his own cult, with Edward Spreitzer, Andrew Kokoraleis and Thomas Kokoraleis. Obsessed with Satanic rituals, Heavy Metal music and murder, the Crew engaged in cannibalism and necromutilomania. The Crew abducted prostitutes and performed butchered mastectomies. They committed sexual acts with the mutilated body and the severed mammary. The Crew saved the gore for masturbation and consumption, chopping and masticating the meat during unholy Crew communions.

“Well, in answer to your question on obsession with breasts, it is a thing with my entire family going back as I’m told to great grandfather. Each of us men have married large breasted women. My ex-wife is a 39D and yes she was very satisfying to me.” ~Robin Gecht

The Crew was born in Illinois. Robin was born in 1953, Edward and Thomas were born in 1958, Andrew was born in 1961. Robin was the leader of the Crew, he had a strange power over his younger accomplices.

“Dear Bob Ressler, You cannot hope to enjoy the harvest, without first laboring in the fields,” said John Wayne Gacy, to former FBI agent Robert Ressler. Gacy is predicting his young accomplice, or accomplices, would eventually become serial killers.

[youtube id=”O0cXvKF1YRI”]

The arrest, trial and conviction of John Wayne Gacy sent shockwaves through the community. The crimes received international media attention. John was a successful businessman, involved with the Democratic Party and community charities. He had his picture taken with First Lady Rosalynn Carter, he was even allowed a “special clearance” status with the Secret Service. John dressed as a clown for charitable functions, his “Pogo the Clown” personality was a member of the Jolly Jokers, a group of Chicago area clowns involved in charitable works for community children. The revelations of rape and murder shook Chicago, Illinois and America, to the core. John began his homicidal house of horrors in 1972, his trial concluded in 1980. Robin was watching and waiting. John Wayne Gacy often had his young employees perform work on his house, usually digging the dirt from the crawl spaces under his floor. The boys did not understand the reason for John needing such deep crawl spaces, however, they performed their labors, as instructed. Several employees remember being returned to the home, to shovel concrete over certain areas in the basement and garage. Again, even to a young construction laborer, the tasks did not make sense. The boys had been told to spread lime in the areas they were working, an unusual request. Robin was employed at PDM Contractors, owned by John Wayne Gacy, the Killer Clown. John employed boys, he murdered some of his young employees. John claimed he did not murder all of his victims alone, he cited an accomplice. When evidence indicated John was not in the city and could not have committed the murder of a young man connected with his business, John alleged the crime was committed by this accomplice, without his knowledge.

Women involved with Robin described a man obsessed with nipples and breasts. Robin would stick pins their areolas. He would slice the nipple, transfixed by the laceration. After the blood had clotted, he would explore the wound. Robin explained that he wanted to “see how the nipple worked” and his fascination ended relationships. These limited mutilations led to infections, the women subjected to his cravings suffered pain and discomfort from his sexual desires. They feared Robin – he was a man lusting to perform a vivisection on a female breast. Edward alleged Robin had amputated the nipples of his wife. After Robin was apprehended for The Chicago Ripper Crew homicides, women came forward and accused him of these alleged crimes. If the women, the mutilated survivors, had contacted authorities when the crimes occurred, Robin’s mission of mayhem may have been aborted. Then again, the women exposed to Robin, early in his developing ghoulishness, were possibly too terrified to contact the law. They would have been afraid to testify against him, as he would have been released on bail, pending trial. Robin had a strange power over people…



Robin converted his apartment into a Satanic temple. Robin read verses from the “Satanic Bible” aloud and adorned the walls with inverted crosses. This is strange, as Saint Peter was crucified on an inverted cross; Robin was decorating his wicked chapel with memorial symbols honoring a martyr. Robin listened to Heavy Metal music, ignoring the real motivation behind the obvious marketing strategies of bands. He attempted to ascertain spiritual meaning in the music and lyrics, a la Charles Manson discovering messages in the “White Album” from The Beatles. Robin was becoming a cult leader, he only lacked devoted followers.

Black Sabbath began a revolution in music. The sound, themes and vocals of this Heavy Metal band became an instant target of televangelists. Although Ozzy Osbourne often sang of finding love in God and delivered vocals comparing war pigs to witches at black masses, the fundamentalist evangelical movement seized this opportunity to create the Satanic Panic. A modern day witch hunt in the USA. Some people found fear and fled to churches led by distress mongering preachers. Some people loved Metal music and found the sound and lyrics thought provoking and challenging. An ideal form of art to express emotions and ideas regarding social, governmental and religious institutions. A way to explore everything between birth and death, and beyond, with a new musical philosophy. Some people found a muse for their insanity. They began to plan awful horrors never dreamt of, in the most horrible nightmares of Hell.



Edward, Andrew and Thomas were followers, of below average intelligence, they would have followed anyone, anywhere. They were the type of boys that enable bullies, by participating in the abuse of a weak, solitary, vulnerable victim. Followers are everywhere. They love government jobs, churches, schools, cults and clubs. Followers enjoy groups and they thrive in the company of their team. They will tolerate child molestation and rape, as they value their organization to the utmost. They will sacrifice their individuality for the feeling of belonging to something. Followers are the people of Penn State University, followers are the adherents of the Roman Catholic Church. They are the people that watch crimes being committed and they rationalize their cowardice with any argument, to assuage their conscience and deflect their guilt. In the bitter end, they are always betrayed by their masters, they always betray their masters. As they betrayed their very own selves, when they capitulated to a power greater than their own minds.

Chicago is the Midwestern version of New York City. The Second City is a vast metropolis, with a unique culture and environment. The Windy City is famous for deep dish pizza and The Chicago Bears, the Al Capone mafia era and the Sears Tower. Chicago is The Museum of Modern Art and the poverty and crime ridden South Side. The Skyway expressway and elevated public transportation by train. Hyde Park and the University of Chicago. Specialized restaurants, family owned and operated small businesses, in every neighborhood. Chi-Town is industry and commerce, with ports on the Great Lake Michigan, gigantic rail switch yards and interstates for transportation by truck. Chicago is the sinister home of H.H. Holmes and John Wayne Gacy, Shy-town is a human conglomerate of crime and dark alleys and bad neighborhoods. In Chicagoland, people watch the Cubs play baseball, from parties on the rooves of nearby buildings. In Chicago, cheap motels and prostitutes and guns abound. Chicago is a place with abundant opportunity and plentiful peril. The Chicago Ripper Crew cruised the streets in a van. Robin would identify the target, the Crew would violently overpower and abduct the woman. They would take the woman to the Satanic chapel, or a cheap motel room, for gang rape. Robin would read verses from the Satanic Bible, while the Crew would ravage and savage the victim. When they had taken their turns at terror, they severed a breast, with wire. After the amputation, Robin would commit sexual acts with the open wound, on the body of the victim. He would masturbate, using the breast as a gruesome sex toy, in his hand. They would use the flesh in rituals, carving the soft meat with knives, while the suffering victim was killed with blunt force trauma, delivered with a hatchet to the head. After the body was dumped, usually in a garbage strewn area, or a cemetery, the Ripper Crew cult would consume the breast, chopping the mammary into pieces and chewing the bloody breast bits, raw.



Angel York survived the Chicago Ripper Crew. She said a red van was cruising and stopped near her, as she was walking on the sidewalk. She was taken captive by men, suddenly. She was handcuffed, in the van. She was repeatedly raped. She was told to cut her own soft breast, with a sharp knife, in exchange for mercy. She testified that when her shaking hand slashed her own breast, with the blade, one man went into a frantic frenzy. He grasped her hand, plunging the knife into her chest. He mutilated her breast. He masturbated into the gaping, bleeding wound. Sated with his butchery, he duct taped the wound and the Crew released their hold on her limbs, pushing her out, off into the gutter. Angel had suffered abject misery by a crew of men dedicated to torment and torture. She had been given grievous wounds by a ghoulish cult addicted to gore. Yet, she noticed a roach clip, adorned with feathers, hanging from the rear view mirror of the rape van.

The Crew may have been abused as children. They may have taken animal sacrifice from the Old Testament scriptures and converted the barbaric practice into a modern day ritual of ridiculous cruelty. They may have lived hopeless lives in a depressing big city, cold and battered by prophetic winds of a futile future. The Crew may have known life would end with death, as we are all condemned to die, eventually. They did not need to do these things, to strangers attempting to live their lives, in the same circumstances and situations, as the members of the Crew may have found themselves. They could have controlled themselves. They could have begun a band, they could have written books together, they could have painted atrocities on the walls of buildings. The worst aspect of the Chicago Ripper Crew crimes is that they were so successful.

In 1982, contemporary advances in forensic science had not been made. Police were unable to determine the time of death, in many Ripper Crew cases. The drastic wounds to the chests of many victims gave insects and animals access to the interior of the corpses. Many of the women killed by the Ripper Crew were in an advanced state of decomposition when recovered, making identification difficult. Even if semen samples from the Ripper Crew had been recovered from the body cavities of the victims, DNA science had not advanced to the point of having the ability to establish the identity of possible suspects. The Chicago Police Department knew they had killers lurking in the midst of the population they were sworn to protect. They did not have the technological capabilities to retrieve viable evidence. They were giving a growing number of mutilated bodies to the coroner, while they were watching and waiting for the Crew to make a mistake.

“A black female was picked up, blindfolded and gagged. Robin shoot her point blank in the head. Put chains around her neck and legs, attached two bowling balls and threw her in the water. I understand her body was not found.” ~Edward Spreitzer

Edward described Robin as being in a state of utter blood lust, during this period. He recalled a particular attack, the Crew had wrestled a victim into an alley, from the street. Robin hacked at the breast of the struggling woman with a knife, he immediately began having necromutilomania sex with the gaping laceration, in the alley. The woman was screaming and the wound was pouring blood. Robin finished his perversion and he finished the woman, beating her head to a pulp, with an axe. Victims were found with pulverized skulls. Victims had been tortured with ice picks. A victim was found in a pool of blood that had leaked from the anus of the ruined remains, as the victim slowly expired, the internal injuries to the colon and large intestine exsanguinated the body. A victim was slashed from head to toe with a razor, leaving the skin in bloody tatters. Beverly Washington lost her left breast to the Ripper Crew on October 6, 1982. Beverly was abducted off the street, she was gang raped in the van. She was tortured with a knife, Robin slashed her breasts, amputating the left breast and mutilating the right breast. She was found bleeding, dumped next to train tracks in the chilly October weather. Beverly described a scene of extreme sadistic cruelty. The van was a mobile torture chamber, the men were crude and intent on inflicting agonizing injuries. They uttered Satanic slogans while they tormented her. When they were finally done with her, they discarded her. They kept her breast, she later learned, for masturbation and consumption. The breast flesh that remained, after their cannibal feast, was kept in a trophy container. Girls, if a man attempts to amputate your breast, castrate and emasculate him. Cauterize his wound. Shove his genitals down his throat with barbecue tongs, so he is forced to digest his own sex organs. This is an incomplete list of the women that suffered death and mutilation at the hands of the Chicago Ripper Crew: Linda Sutton, prostitute and mother of two children. Hispanic woman with engagement ring. Lorraine Burrowski, abducted from place of employment. Shui Mak, mutilated remains undiscovered for months. Angel York, survived and provided information. Sondra Delaware, discovered on a river bank. Rose Davis, discovered in an alley. Carol Pappas, married to a Chicago Cubs player. Beverly Washington, survived and provided information. Rose Beck, she fought hard against her attackers. Susan Baker, found after the Ripper Crew arrests. We will never know the true body count. The Ripper Crew is believed to have claimed the lives of, at least, twenty women. Robin critiqued John Wayne Gacy, saying he should have disposed of his victims by dumping them, instead of keeping them under the crawl spaces of his home. In fact, John Wayne Gacy dumped four victims near the Des Plaines River, as he had run out of space, at his home.



The Ripper Crew was also involved in a drive-by shooting that left local drug dealer Rafael Torado dead, injuring another man at the phone booth. If the Ripper Crew had not been apprehended, a mass murder was likely, as the Crew had escalated their level of violence from serial killing for pleasure to murder for profit. Eventually, Robin would have found a reason to attack a group of people, perhaps a public gathering, such as a church, or a school. The serial killing was not the ultimate aim of the Ripper Crew, they were arrested in the beginning of their campaign. The testimony of Angel and Beverly gave the police a description of the rape van. The roach clip hanging from the rear view mirror, with feathers attached, was a unique detail. When patrolmen noticed the vehicle, they found Edward driving, alone. He was detained and interrogated. Edward betrayed Robin, immediately. Edward was sick of the memory of witnessing Robin beating a victim with a hammer. He confessed he was forced to perform sexual acts by Robin, although I am sure he did not have an explanation for his arousal and ability to perform. Edward explained the ritualistic sacrifices to Satan. However, when Robin was arrested and brought to the interrogation area, Edward immediately recanted his confessions. Andrew and Thomas corroborated the recanted confessions of Edward. As detectives read the litany of lunacy, Andrew and Thomas knew the police had the information needed for conviction, they cooperated enough to seal the fate of the Crew. Due to the confusion and chaos in court, with four different constantly changing accounts of the crimes, prosecutors were unable to charge Robin with murder. Andrew Kokoraleis was executed on March 17, 1999. He was the last man executed by the state of Illinois, before the moratorium on execution was imposed. He was praying, while he lay on the gurney. As the lethal injection was begun, he asked for forgiveness and stated: “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” Edward Spreitzer was given the death penalty, his sentence was commuted to life in prison, due to the moratorium on execution in Illinois. Thomas Kokoraleis was sentenced to seventy years, he is currently incarcerated. Thomas is remembered for saying, “That’s the girl Eddie and I killed in the cemetery,” when he saw a photograph of Lorraine Borowski, while detectives were showing him pictures of missing women. Robin is serving one hundred and twenty years for the mutilation of Beverly Washington. He will be eligible for parole in the year 2020. The Chicago Ripper Crew should have been executed as a crew, hung from the gallows at the same moment, four necks snapping together. The Chicago Ripper Crew contributed to the 1980’s Satanic Panic in America. Thousands of innocent citizens were persecuted for fictitious crimes, based on coerced testimony. Men and women were arrested, convicted and incarcerated, based on untrue allegations by hysterical crusaders. If the serial killers don’t get you, the religious fanatics will.

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