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Green Beret Review + Full Stream

Good d-beat needs to have a “smash the state” mentality; if it doesn’t, then it misses the point completely. If one of your friends suggests starting an a d-beat band but doesn’t want to be political, tell them to go get fucked. Your decision to become involved with genres of music that stem from the hardcore and punk canon should be a political one. If it’s not, then congratulations, you’ve successfully been nothing more than a “punk” Halloween costume for most of your time in your respected scene. You can drink beer and do stupid shit with your friends in any subculture, so I’d like to think that if you’re reading this you can honestly say that hardcore/punk/whatever came into your life because you were fucking pissed at the status quo and wanted to change it, or at least learn about how you could change it. Let’s face it people, modern pop music and its fan base isn’t gonna do shit when it’s time throw bricks at the cops; hopefully you are, and while you do, Green Beret will provide the soundtrack.

Hailing from Boston, Green Beret have graced the aggressive music community with a new record that will make you remember how vital it is to have punk and politics conflate. Their new record is titled Standing At The Mouth of Hell, and it contains eleven tracks of  politically charged d-beat anthems that should be played at high volumes. The beauty of politically charged records is that they allow for the listener to get a short and fast lecture in every song. Trust me, that’s way better than having to sift through the dry and boring writings of Noam Chomsky, and to an extent, Karl Marx. You wanna learn about the reality of systemic oppression? You wanna be instantly pissed? Lastly, do you wanna discover the best fucking d-beat record in existence right now? Then listen to Green Beret and give your “punk” friends who don’t care about politics a reason to put down the 40 oz. and pick up a book.




Footage via atheboilerroom.



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