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GRAVE PLEASURES Video Premiere + “Dogs Of Chernobyl” Mix

Hey world, are you ready for a new GRAVE PLEASURES video? I really don’t care, because we are premiering their new visual for their anthem “Mind Intruder” from their 2017 LP entitled Motherblood out now on Century Media. I love the way this band is so comfortable in their creative skin that they weave their metal roots into their post punk tapestry. I am so impressed at how catchy the song “Mind Intruder” is – after just one listen you can’t help but keep it on repeat! Hold on – underground alert: you also need to check out this insanely awesome mix that Mat McNerney, aka “Kvohst,” put together called “Dogs Of Chernobyl.”


[youtube id=”UDmhXzKcsDk”]

Grave Pleasures and the dogs of Chernobyl.

Inspired by the stories of the stray dogs who roam the Exclusion Zone of Chernobyl, Mat McNerney, aka “Kvohst” has made this mix tape of post-punk in their honour. Descendants of the pets who were left behind in the mass evacuation, the dogs seek comfort in packs. They are true outcasts in a place humans have fenced off from the rest of the world.

These dogs can be found in nearly every area of the Chernobyl site, including controlled, indoor areas. The workers have adopted the dogs in a way, and save scraps of the their own meals to feed them. But some of the dogs carry large doses of radiation, often too much for visitors of the zone to come into contact with. The dogs are driven out of the woods to the power plant by packs of wolves and a lack of food to support themselves in the Exclusion Zone. There is even evidence to suggest that the dogs have been breeding with the wolf population.

Grave Pleasures find a certain kinship with these animals. “We’re much the same as those dogs,” reveals McNerney. “We are outcasts, and we are all post-apocalyptic. We’re already living in the end times” Pointing out that the only steel that is not irradiated, after nuclear testing through recent times, can be found in the hulls of WW2 wreckages at the bottom of the ocean, McNerney posits “We are all doomed.” He continues “We have to rob sailors graves in the sea, just to get medical grade steel that doesn’t carry radiation from our weapons of mass destruction. This should be a sign to us all of what kind of waste-land we’re already living in.”

Grave pleasures play “apocalyptic post-punk” and are arguably Finland’s most well-known modern post-punk band. Springing from the ashes of Beastmilk, their sophomore album Motherblood, released last year by Century Media, has gone on to win them wide critical acclaim. Motherblood was hailed by many as a massive return to form and even eclipsed the album sales of their infamous Beastmilk debut album Climax. The band has been out on the road with Post-Punk legends Killing Joke and now heads out with Converge, Crowbar and Thou on a tour of Europe that brings them to the main stage of Roadburn Festival as part of Jacob Bannon’s curated event. On this new mixtape McNerney explains his choice of tracks: “It’s about our past influences, but also about giving a sense of the real desperation and energy in this music. I could have made a greatest hits of the Post-Punk era but that wouldn’t explain it. People who know those songs know them already and people who don’t get this kind of music wouldn’t get it that way. People think of Post-Punk as a certain style, where people dress like slightly gothy art-students and watch black and white French movies. They just think of Joy Division. It’s not about that. Post punk just means the music that came after punk and evolved from punk. But it’s a very diverse and frenetic genre, if it is even a genre. In my opinion it’s every bit as heavy as metal, it’s just in totally different ways. This mix was made on my record decks and recorded on to cassette tape, very raw and rough. I wanted it to feel like you’re at my place and we’re having a drink and listening to some of my records. It’s just a small fraction of the good night ahead, but it’s a start. I’ll be doing more of these mixes along the way, so if you like it check back to my Soundcloud again laters.”

Grave Pleasures continue on an upwards trajectory, McNerney having recently collaborated with Carpenter Brut on the song Beware The Beast, from their album Leather Teeth. They have filled their year with festivals such as Wacken, Hellfest, Tuska and Wave Gothik Treffen. Catch them at a show near you, but don’t stay near them too long in case you pick up a deadly dose of radiation!




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