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Black Death

Gnarled Occult Death Metal: VILE RITUAL – “Tongues of the Exanimate” Full Album premiere

From some arcane subterranean crypt older than time itself, emanates VILE RITUAL, an ancient death metal plague reawakened from eons of decaying slumber to punish the flesh of mortals and disintegrate reality. Sentient Ruin has their 2022 official debut album on the launchpad for later in the year but has prepared an anticipating lethal dose of the abhorrent destruction that lurks ahead via this staggering 12″ compilation of the band’s remixed and remastered 2019 debut self-titled demo tape along with three brand new never before heard oozing slabs of psychotic death metal destruction. Behold!

On “Tongues Of The Exanimate” Vile Ritual takes the occult death metal aesthetic to its most disfigured states. Think bands like Beherit, Antediluvian, Archgoat, Von, Sect Pig, and Incantation all smashed into a hideous aural hallucination, fuming like a massive crater blown into the face of the earth. Spectral ambiance and disembodied whispers reverberate through a subterranean cave of molten lava, overboiling like a monstrous cauldron and giving way to visions of a lost world of perennial darkness buried for millennia and animated by otherworldly forces of an ancient evil. All while tectonic cavernous death metal riffs and telluric drums open the earth’s crust to reveal the aphotic hell that dwells beneath it. The load of psychedelia that encrusts these tracks is nearly overbearing, as passages of clean guitars and lysergic ambiance blur the lines between reality and hallucination giving way to hideous esoteric and ritualistic emanations that make the blood freeze in the veins.

“Tongues Of The Exanimate” drops tomorrow January 28 on LP/MC/digital via Sentient Ruin, grab it here.

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