Get Out of Your Own Way: Anarchy & Peace with Penny Rimbaud of Crass

CRASS were massively influential in 80s punk culture, specifically for pioneering the anarcho-punk movement. Noisey’s “Get Out of Your Own Way: Anarchy & Peace with Penny Rimbaud of Crass” documents the life and beliefs of CRASS member Penny Rimbaud. Penny talks about discovering the “real” world through his father’s military service, and his rejection of it – “I wasn’t going to accept the world I was handed, because it was cruel, I could see that.” What follows is a story that may be familiar to some of you, rejecting the system and having it reject you at the same time. “I managed to get thrown out of two [schools], and I think that was a very successful treatment of what they call ‘education,’ because I had contempt for that education.” When CRASS was formed in 1977, they had a huge impact on the youth of the time that were drawn to punk with a more political message – anarchy, rejection of the status quo, anger with the system. What’s so inspiring to see is how sincere and profound his beliefs are after so many years, and it’s clear watching this why CRASS continues to resonate with people all these decades later. Watch this rad short doc below!





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