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If You Gaze Long Into An Abyss… PESTE Debut EP Preview

A bare slipknot on a black background. Essential, explicit, uncompromising.

The artwork of Peste’s brand new EP displays exactly what you can expect from their music: a bunch of nihilistic rides launched on a razorblade at breakneck speed.

Hardcore in its darkest form meets crust punk and even seminal black metal reminiscences in this small collection of bad thoughts kept together by blasphemy, misanthropy and hate. After all, what would you expect from a band whose declared purpose is “to bring out the horror hidden inside everyone’s soul, the ability of mankind to destroy everything feeling no remorse, while remaining a slave of its own fear until its dying day. A true daily nightmare that lies in the deep of every human being”?

Oh, and in case these guys had no rage enough to spit out, they come from Italy, which is not experiencing the happiest moment of its social, political and cultural history. Just to remember which kind of music we should expect from these times.

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Here you can give the very first bite to this visceral, sharp release.

One very interesting side of this little-more-than-ten-minutes EP lies in the background of the band’s members. They all come from well-grounded acts (such as Tutti I Colori Del Buio, Haram, If I Die Today Papazeta) that barely have something in common with each other and, most of all, that barely have something in common with the final result of Peste’s sound. Small traces of the musicians’ original projects lay in the emotional clearings that we encounter from time to time while meandering through the nightmarish forest of freezing guitars, lacerating screams and wild drumming.


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Should we find play the Devil’s advocate and find a blemish in this opus, we’d say that it leaves the vague sensation that the band (which actually debuts with this EP) still needs a little time to settle its own identity – that is, in any case, already well defined. Nevertheless, if you enjoy gazing into the abyss and chilling amongst furious riffs, you should definitely give this record a try.

Peste’s debut EP will be out in January 2019 via This Is Core. The recordings took place at Davide Donvito’s Magma Studio (Turin, Italy), while Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker and many more) took care of the mastering at his The Atomic Garden Studio in San Francisco.


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PESTE – EP tracklisting
03. DEAD



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Cuddling kittens and worshipping the Dark Lord on the foggy side of Italy.

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