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Game Changing Sludge!
Premiering: LEECHFEAST Neon Crosses

Without a doubt, the new LEECHFEAST record Neon Crosses is going to be on our Top 10 Sludge list for 2018.  After you hear this beautiful beast in full, you will know exactly why! This band is at the top of their songwriting game – they have grown so much over the years, it’s totally blowing my mind. Neon Crosses is a record that die-hard sludge lovers will go bonkers for, but humans that don’t even dig this genre will also like this collection of songs. LEECHFEAST have been able to find the perfect balance between the profane aspects of our existence and the bliss of a sunny day. They have not lost any of their grimness, but they are now in touch with other emotions, which only creates another dimension to their enthralling music. When their vocalist goes into his clean tone, it’s sonic morbid ear candy that I can’t get enough of! To say that I am proud of this band is a HUGE understatement, because that are taking the genre of Sludge to the next level with Neon Crosses.  Respect due to Dry Cough Records / Rope Or Guillotine / Hellas Records for releasing such a stellar record that can be pre-ordered HERE!



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